ENSTTI provides training and tutoring on nuclear safety

In an unprecedented joint initiative, four European TSOs (IRSN from France, GRS from Germany, UJV from the Czech Republic and LEI from Lithuania) have created ENSTTI, the European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute.

The Institute offers short applied training sessions and longer tutoring periods for university graduates and for those with some professional experience in the nuclear sector. Its focus will be on transmitting European research and assessment know-how in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Drawing on the competences and resources of member TSOs, ENSTTI provides training in techniques, practices and methods to develop the skills and know-how required for assessing and analysing nuclear and radiological risks in Europe and throughout the world.

In creating ENSTTI, the founding TSOs – in association with the relevant EU and international bodies and the IAEA in particular - aim to meet assessment and research requirements in the nuclear safety sector relating to civil nuclear development programmes in Europe and the world as a whole.

Training at ENSTTI will be given in the form of course programmes lasting around six weeks and tutorial periods of several months. All the course programmes will include working groups, simulator sessions, technical visits and open discussions. Trainees will receive a certificate at the end of their training period reflecting the knowledge they have acquired.