The ETSON Award - A call to junior experts for collaborative papers

ETSON Award 2019 Winners
ETSON Award Winners 2019

The ETSON network has decided to annually reward papers written by a team of young scientists from different Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs) and the EUROSAFE members by offering ETSON Awards, to be officially presented and attributed at the next EUROSAFE Forum.

The ETSON Award

The ETSON award amounts to 5,000 € in total, to be shared among the winner(s) or the winning group(s). The best contribution will be honored with 3,000 € and the second-best with 2,000 €.

The five finalists for the ETSON Award will be selected by the ETSON Award Committee, consisting of senior scientists from the EUROSAFE members. The chosen finalist will have to present their papers in short presentations with not more than 4 slides (max.7 minutes). The audience will then make their choice and together with the evaluation from the ETSON Award Committee, the winner (s) will be chosen.


More about the criteria and rules of the ETSON Award...
The deadline for sending applications is 15 July 2020.




The ETSON Award 2019

  • M. Dewald (GRS) and co-autors: Radiological Characterization of Hard to Measure Nuclides Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS). (1st Place)
  • S. Tillmann (GRS), I. Iarmosh (SSTC NRS) T. Weyand (GRS): Comparative Analysis of Modelling Approaches for Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities at Vector Site in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. (2nd Place)
  • S. Bourrous, Y. Alilou, P.-C. Gervais, J. Nuvoli (IRSN): Modelling the performance of filtration devices in case of unexpected release of particles.
  • Daniel Cooper, Thomas Blaxall (wood.) : An approach for assessment of External Hazard Combinations