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Safety Assessment Guide (SAG)

SAG provides recommendation to expertise bodies on reviewing and assessing the safety questions raised in nuclear activities. The goal of this SAG is to set down the harmonized principles applied in ETSON organisations to ensure that, whatever the technical analysis could be, safety assessments are performed by each ETSON member according to the same lines and can therefore be used with the same confidence by the people concerned.
In this way, ETSON contributes to the promotion of a harmonization of nuclear safety practices.

Technical Safety Assessment Guides (TSAG)

TSAG are complementary guides dedicated to specific issues, in the areas of ETSON working groups.

The available TSAG series:

TSO paper

The TSO Paper, so called “Position Paper of the Technical Safety Organisations: Research needs in nuclear safety for GEN 2 and GEN 3 NPPS”. This position paper aimed at presenting their views on the safety issues associated with the different generations of nuclear plants and the definition of relevant priorities for future research programmes.

Progress Reports

Each year, ETSON publish a progress report to inform about progress the Association have made on a projec over the year.

The reports from 2010 on can be seen on the side.

ETSON Strategy

In alignment of its vision and mission, ETSON is following a strategy of sustainable commitment to the international nuclear safety and security community.