Research Group

Further definition and implementation of nuclear safety research programmes

ETSON members further the definition and the implementation of nuclear safety research programmes in Europe with the development of ETSON Research Group since 2000.

The objectives of this Research Group are to:

  • share information on the member’s research programmes,
  • elaborate common position on research orientations,
  • lobby towards the international organizations for getting support to perform these programmes,
  • prepare common position for participation in European Indirect actions,
  • aunch inside ETSON projects dedicated to TSOs only. aunch inside ETSON projects dedicated to TSOs only. aunch inside ETSON projects dedicated to TSOs only. aunch inside ETSON projects dedicated to TSOs only.

For example, the research priorities endorsed by ETSON members have been published in 2011 in the so called “Position Paper of the Technical Safety Organisations: Research needs in nuclear safety for GEN 2 and GEN 3 NPPS”. This position paper aimed at presenting the TSO views on the safety issues associated with the different generations (II and III) of nuclear plants and the definition of relevant priorities for future research programmes.

These priorities include:

  • Harmonize the safety justification methodologies,
  • Harmonize deterministic and probabilistic safety methodologies,
  • Identify relevant and reliable material properties for extended service,
  • Understand the relevant ageing mechanisms for structures,
  • Evaluate the risk of rupture of the main vessel through PTS,
  • Study the long term coolability of damaged cores in LOCA and RIA,
  • Human and organisational factors in safety management, OEF, resilience,
  • Test methods for ageing evaluation on instrumentation and control,
  • Experimental and analytical study of fire growth and propagation,
  • Ex-vessel and in-core corium cooling, support to models and computations,
  • Finalize the research on iodine chemistry in RCS.

The involvement of ETSON Research Group in the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) since its very beginning in 2007 has favored the sharing of these TSO research priorities among all European nuclear stakeholders represented in SNETP.

Today, ETSON Research Group is also strongly involved in NUGENIA (an association dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies) with a focus on Generation II and III nuclear plants.